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The Birth of GoPUUR 

GoPUUR was developed in our private lab by one of the leading formulators in the dietary supplement industry. In his 15 year career, he worked with some of the top brands to create many of the the best-selling products in the field. His extensive knowledge of nutrition and biochemistry aided in creating the perfect great tasting meal replacement drink powder.

After years of development, and careful selection of each ingredient, the wait is over! The most complete meal replacement drink powder has finally hit the health market! We are blazing the trail for a healthier life style!

All Dietary Supplements Are Not Created Equal!

GoPUUR is ALL-NATURAL, HORMONE-FREE, GMO-FREE, and GLUTEN-FREE! Featuring vitamins and minerals in highly bio-available forms, a full compliment of digestive enzymes, medium chain triglycerides, rBST-free whey proteins, digestive-friendly fiber, natural flavors, natural colors and sweeteners, plus one of the most heavily researched probiotics, there truly is no other product available like GoPUUR!

Many multi-vitamin/mineral supplements contain cheap sources of vitamins and minerals that your body has difficulty processing. Some capsules never break down to give you the benefits you paid for. GoPUUR mixes easy, even with a spoon, and has a smooth and rich texture so you can take full advantage of the nutrients in forms your body can easily absorb.

Good News!

If you were to try and purchase all of the healthy ingredients in GoPUUR by themselves, you would easily spend hundreds of dollars a month! For only $3.00 a day, GoPURR is the best bargain you can get. Many other meal replacement drink powders will cost you 2-3 times as much! GoPUUR is a bargain because we cut out the middle man and blend all of these healthy ingredients in our very own certified facility. We control the process so we can guarantee quality, freshness and value. Our products are also third-party tested by an independent lab to give you the confidence that we are the partner you can trust.